Don’t Go to Church – Be the Church

10/06/2019 Don’t Go to Church – Be the Church Family Life has finally moved into our new building! During our first service in the building, Pastor KR reminisced on the journey of Family Life over the past 15 years, and the importance of following God in being the church, not just going to church. Download

Sermon: What Shall We Do? – 6/2/2019

6/2/2019 – Series: Events in all Four Gospels – What Shall We Do? Download This week Pastor KR looked into the Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River. John the Baptist practiced baptism as a form of repentance, and many people who came to him asked, “What shall we do?” in seeking repentance. We need…

Sermon: Gethsemane – 5/19/2019

5/19/2019 – Series: Events in all Four Gospels – Gethsemane Download Returning to our series, Events in all Four Gospels, Pastor KR takes a look at what happened in the Garden of Gethsemane. What does it mean to “watch and pray” as Jesus commanded? And how can we submit our will to God as Jesus…

Sermon: The Women at the Cross – 5/12/2019

5/12/2019 – Mother’s Day: The Women at the Cross Download On this Mother’s Day, Pastor K.R. looked into the qualities and characteristics of Godly mothers in Scripture, and looked into the account of Jesus’s mother at the cross to show just how much mothers should be appreciated.

Sermon: Peter’s Profession – 5/5/2019

5/5/2019 – Series: Events in All Four Gospels – Peter’s Profession Download Continuing in our study of the events recorded in all four gospels, we come to Peter’s profession that Jesus was the Christ. Dalton Williams looks into the questions “Who do others say Jesus is?” “Who do the disciples say Jesus is?” “Who did…

Sermon: The Trial – 4/28/2019

4/28/2019 – Series: Events in All Four Gospels – The Trial Download We are looking at events described in all four of the gospels, and coming off of the theme of good Friday and Easter, We are taking a closer look at Jesus’s trial, what it meant, and how it affected those around him.

Sermon: Don’t Turn on Jesus – 4/14/2019

4/14/2019 – Palm Sunday – Don’t Turn on Jesus Download Palm Sunday celebrates the triumphal entry of Jesus coming into Jerusalem, fulfilling the prophecies of the Messiah. However, all of the people who celebrated Jesus coming to Jerusalem, shouting “Hosanna!” were one week later shouting “Crucify Him!” They had turned on Jesus. How can we…