“Let it Shine” began in the year 2000, under the original name, “Light the Night.”  We hosted 7 neighborhood sites in State College, Pa that year.  The following year, we put together a promotional kit to distribute for others to use as an outreach in their neighborhoods.  What happened next can only be attributed to our Lord Jesus Christ, who receives all the glory!  Let It Shine is now in almost every state in the U.S. and has also extended beyond our border into Canada and the U.K.!  We thank the Lord for His favor upon this ministry and continue to pray that “His Light” continues to shine bright and touch many neighborhoods and lives through Let It Shine!

What is Let It Shine?
This outreach was designed to be used outside the four walls of our churches.  It is to be done on the night in your neighborhood that “trick or treaters” are coming by your home (usually Oct.31st).  If you stop and think about it, this is the only day of the year that you have people coming and knocking on your door, looking to receive something.  Let’s be there with the love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ….to give them something eternal!  In the promotional kit, you will find a DVD to help promote this outreach to your congragation.  This kit also includes a downloadable organizational booklet to help organize this event as well as a puppet skit on CD.  Check out the order page to have one shipped to you today!How do I get started ?

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Included with this kit is the following:

– Light the Night promotional video for leadership and the congregation
– Puppet Skit CD and Puppet Script that presents a Gospel message to the Kids.
– Organizational Booklet
– Purchasing list to let you know where you can purchase needed supplies.
– Other master copies to help coordinate the effort in your neighborhoods


Quotes from People doing Light The Night

“Because of your passion for souls, lives were changed for eternity!”
Kurt and Jamie – Bridgeton, NJ (Cell Group)

“We had parents say that next year they were going to bring their children to the house for the entire night because it was such a safe atmosphere.”
Brandie – Hollywood, FL

“Our Light the Night was soooo Awesome!!! I’ve never seen my church so united in an effort like last night.”
Donna – Killeen, TX

“Parents and kids alike were surprised and kept saying how great it was …”
Tiffany- Yeagertown, PA (Tabernacle Fellowship)

“Many could not understand why we were doing this and why everything was free. Salvation is free. Jesus is the Light of the world.”
Pastor Tom Gilman – Manchester, PA (Manchester Assembly of God)

“The program of ‘Light the Night’ has done just that in the State College District of the United Methodist Church. Several of our churches have sponsored the program, adapted it to their parents in enjoying the Good News.”
Patricia Woolever – State College, PA (United Methodist District Superintendnet)

“Light the Night has made a tremendous impact in the communities of Pennsylvania and Delaware. As I travel, I hear exciting reports of congregations uniting for a ministry purpose like never before. Light the Night has brought church families together in their local neighborhoods to establish homes as an outreach of God’s love. When asking, ‘What would Jesus do?’ Jesus would do ‘Light the Night.'”
George Krebs – Christian Education Dir – Penn-Del District, Assemblies of God

“It was a great event…anytime the body of Christ comes together is a good thing.”
Dan Smith – State College, PA (Grace United Methodist Church)”

“One of the best outreaches I have ever run! We’ll be stepping it up next year.”
Pastor Rich Earl (Mountainside Assembly of God)

“Thank you for sharing your vision with others and in helping us reach out into the community with the Good News … we had an absolute blast!”
Pastor Wayne Schaffer – East Alton, IL (First Assembly of God)

“The puppet show CD was fantastic! The kids were drawn to it.”
Kurt & Jamie – Bridgeton, NJ (Cell Group)