Family Life is excited to support over 30 missionaries around the world.  Some of these are home missionaries within the U.S., while others serve to take the Gospel to places around the world such as India, Africa, Russia, Germany and many other countries and continents!  We believe that it is our responsibility to give (at least) 10% of our general funds to support our missionaries.

 Family Life of Penns Valley  Missionary Support and Prayer List 2015

The Assemblies of God:

  • Barrale, Joseph & Heidi – Chi Alpha
  • BGMC (Boys & Girls Missionary Challenge)
  • Brelo, Sam & Naomi – Belgium
  • City Reach Church Plant – Pittsburgh
  • Dascalescu, Mike & Ana – Romania
  • DiTrolio, David & Rosmarie – Paraquay South America
  • Folk, Kevin & Anne – Global University
  • Higgins, Gary & Cindy – Convoy of Hope
  • Hollis, Doug – Indonesia
  • Ireland, Kevin & Anne – Africa AG Care (New in 2014)
  • Kulish, Steve & Debbie – New York City
  • Leighty, Matt & Stacey – Germany
  • Live Dead Initiative
  • Nicholson, David & Melissa – Utah
  • Ocasio, Juan & Shirley – Nation of Georgia
  • Rogers, Lee & Kiki – Youth Alive
  • Serrano,  Samuel & Irene, Republica Dominicana
  • STL (Speed the Light)
  • Teberian, Shahan & Tyra – Armenia
  • Trombetta, Chris & Peggy – Native Americans
  • US Mission America Placement Service (MAPS) (New in 2014)
  • Webber, Doug & Joan – Western Europe
  • Wiles, Jeff & Rebecca – Dominican Republic

Other Missionaries:

  • Bethany Christian Services – Lancaster
  • Compassion (Benoit Kabre’ in Burkina Faso)
  • Clarity Church, Nathan & Jessica Kollar – Los Angeles
  • Disciple Makers, Dave & Joan Laufer – Penn State University (New in 2014)
  • Haven of Hope (Evelyn Chisenga in Zambia)
  • HOPE Ministry – Penns Valley
  • Life Factors Ministries, Sean Teis – Duncansville
  • Lifetime Orphaned Children’s Ministries, Jonah Thu Ring Win – Myanmar
  • Pregnancy Resource Clinic – State College
  • Penns Valley Millheim Outreach Center, Roxy – Penns Valley
  • Teen Challenge Training Center (Western Induction)
  • The Meadows Christian Ministry Church, Harold & Pat Mele – Pittsburgh
  • The Navigators, Dustin & Lori Butler – University of Georgia
  • Youth With A Mission (YWAM), Kyle Miles – Lebanon PA (New in 2014)

Missionaries of the Month

Home Missions

U.S. Mission America Placement Service – MAPS

Building Churches – Changing lives

U.S. Mission America Placement Service (MAPS) is the ministry of Assemblies of God U.S. Missions that coordinates volunteers to assist churches and ministry institutions with construction and evangelism projects.

Each year hundreds of people from a wide variety of vocational and professional backgrounds dedicate their time, skills and resources to enhance the growth and building of our churches and ministry facilities.

Foreign Missions

The Live Dead Initiative

Teams Planting Churches Amount Unreached Peoples

Many of our supported missionaries travel with Live Dead. Do to safety concerns, we are not allowed to mention the individuals we support through Live Dead. As such we rarely get the opportunity to highlight them.

Live Dead is committed to taking the church where it does not exist. We are committed to making a difference in the statistic that 40% of the world lives without access to Christ. Live Dead’s strategy to execute this vision is to plant churches among unreached peoplegroups through multi-national teams. Whatever our engagement, our goal is churches.

Recently Live Dead has grown to include Africa, the Middle East, and India, with most of our support going to Live Dead Arab World, our missionaries in Egypt, the Arabian peninsula, and other areas that are antichristian. Please pray for their safety as we approach the new year.